Cosmetic Dentures in Jacksonville FL

Dentures Designed To Support Your Look & Budget

Enhance Your Smile

A younger look and a self-confidence boost. Teeth that look attractive and natural.

Comfortable Support

Better fit and improved comfort. Support for the chin, lips, and cheeks.

Refresh Your Look

A safe and simple non-surgical procedure that rejuvenates your face and look.

Meticulously Designed

Gum tissue that looks natural and comes in custom shades to match your natural gum shade.


What Sets Our Cosmetic Dentures Apart?

Imagine your facial features and your natural coloring complemented by cosmetic dentures that have been designed just for you. Dentures that don't take away from your look, but instead equip you with a smile that exudes natural confidence.

That's exactly what you can expect when you choose the skill and experience of Jeffrey Bilotti, DDS. We don't know of any other dentist in the Jacksonville area that provides the same level of meticulous precision when crafting cosmetic dentures designed just for your mouth.

Our cosmetic dentures utilize the latest materials and cutting edge techniques to give you the best possible results.

While traditional dentures focus primarily on the economic aspect, our cosmetic dentures are designed to give you the best look with the greatest functionality while staying within your budget.

Look Younger and Feel Better

You won't believe the difference in how you look and feel, once you've had our high-quality dentures created just for you.

We employ the latest neuromuscular procedures and materials of the highest quality to transform the way you look.

You'll smile more confidently with a smile that looks natural and brilliant.

Your jaw has a more important role than you might think, and your strength and overall health can benefit from new dentures.

Enjoy Your Life

Don't spend your golden years worrying about what you eat or how you look. Our meticulously designed cosmetic dentures will make you forget your false teeth and allow you to enjoy your life!

Call today to schedule your consultation and allow us to show you the amazing results we can get for you!

Before and After Pictures