Dental Bridges in Jacksonville FL

Economical Tooth Replacement

Support Your Jaw

Help secure the support structure between your natural teeth or dental implants.

Economically Priced

Bridges can be a more economical option when replacing damaged or missing teeth.

Protect From Shifting

Help your teeth from shifting out of place or assist in preventing tooth decay.

Chewing Support

Help to improve your speech and bite when chewing by replacing missing teeth.

An illustration of how dental bridges work.

About Dental Bridges

If you're looking to replace multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a great economical option to consider. Replacing missing teeth is essential in retaining functionality, restoring beauty and preserving jawbone structure.

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional fixed dental bridges are made up of multiple crowns (artificial teeth) in a row that are supported by the teeth adjacent to the tooth gap.

The adjacent teeth are normally reshaped for the dental bridge to fit and securely attach to them. The dental bridge then covers the reshaped teeth and the initial missing tooth gap.

Implant Dental Bridges

Fixed dental implant bridges have become more popular in recent years.

With fixed dental bridges, dental implants are used instead of neighboring teeth. The dental implants are first placed by Jeffrey Bilotti, DDS, followed by the dental bridge.

Fixed bridges help maintain the shape of your smile, preserving the structure of the jawbone and adjacent teeth and eliminating any future dental problems.

Jacksonville's best fixed implant bridges are a great choice, especially when replacing multiple missing teeth in a row, as they are typically less expensive than having multiple dental implants and crowns placed.

Removable Dental Bridges

Removable dental bridges are usually temporarily attached to adjacent teeth and can be easily removed for the intention of cleaning. On the other hand, fixed dental bridges are permanently attached and are a worry-free answer to those seeking teeth that have a natural appeal and function.

What Are the Advantages of Fixed Dental Bridges?

  • They are a long-lasting answer for preserving the structure of adjacent teeth.
  • They have a natural appeal, feel and function that is similar to your original teeth.
  • They can withstand normal biting and chewing.
  • They enable you to continue with standard functions such as talking, eating and smiling without having to worry about the prosthetics falling out or becoming loose.
  • They help to preserve your jawbone
  • They are a viable option to the more expensive alternative of using individual implants and crowns to replace multiple missing teeth.

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