Tooth Fillings in Jacksonville FL

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth colored dental fillings with composite resin

Safe and Effective Teeth Fillings

Repair the damage of tooth decay or damaged teeth. We use only the most reliable materials for our Jacksonville dental fillings when restoring your teeth, treating cavities, or enhancing your smile.

Jeffrey Bilotti, DDS will match the color and shade of your surrounding teeth when applying dental fillings. We want to enhance your appearance by not only addressing the damaged area but also enhancing your appearance.

About Tooth Fillings

In the past, tooth-colored fillings were not available and patients had to settle for amalgam or gold fillings. These tooth fillings stand out from the rest of your teeth. Not only that, gold fillings are expensive and amalgam fillings contain murcury making it best to avoid them when possible.

On the other hand, tooth-colored composite resin fillings provide great durability and good fracture resistance. They can be applied to your back or front teeth. They are the recommended choice as they look more natural and are typically very comparable in price and stability to the older fashioned fillings.

Before and After Pictures